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Government seizures and bank foreclosures are a fact of life, leaving thousands of buses sitting locked up in storage instead of burning up the highway. What a waste of a powerful bus!

Moving these buses to secure facilities and maintaining them for extended periods of time is expensive, so expensive that the government and the financial industry just want to unload these cars and get some money for them-any money-as quickly as possible. These buses are available at such low auction prices simply because it takes too much effort to try and sell them at retail prices.

Buy Direct and Save Big 

You can save a ton of money by buying your bus from government and surplus bus auctions-why pay top dollar for a quality bus if you don't have to? It's smarter to use your hard-earned money on these seized and repossessed buses and pocket the savings.

And because bids can start as low as $100, you can buy a bus at the best possible price, with bus deals up to 90% off retail value.

Incredible Savings with Secret Bus Auctions

There are hundreds of repossessed bus auctions around the country each month-even secret IRS, DEA, government and police bus auctions too. But most people don't know how to find these deals. These 'secret' insider bus auctions are the best way for you to buy your dream bus at the lowest possible price.

You can search for repossessed bus deals from around the entire United States, with no limits. It doesn't matter what region you live in you have access to the best bus deals from across the country.

Search All Makes and Models of Buses

What type of bus do you want? You're not limited to only one or two types of bus, all makes and models of buses are listed. From economical buses and transit buses to high-end luxury buses, you can find it all. Any type of bus you want is available at up to 90% off Book Value. And you're not limited to domestic buses-expensive imported buses are also available, including top-of-the-line bus brands such as Blue Bird, MCI and Eagle. Who wouldn't want to get those kinds of buses at such low auction prices?

Repo Buses Include:

Blue Bird

Finding High Quality Buses Has Never Been Easier

Remember how difficult it used to be to find the bus of your dreams? It was so complicated! You had to visit countless bus dealerships and waste hours on research comparing buses until you found just the right bus with all the features you wanted. Aren't you glad those exhausting days of searching for the best buses are over? Now finding a beautiful bus is just a mouse click away. We regularly add new bus repo listings to our online bus auction inventory, so check our private members area often to see what new repo buses we have available.

Make the smart choice and start your repo bus search now-bids for these buses start as low as $100!