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When most people think of luxury items, they consider owning a mansion or a top-of-the-line European car as the ultimate pleasure. But what about owning an aircraft? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own personal aircraft and being able to fly anywhere you wanted to go?

An impossible dream? Think again. You can buy a brand name quality aircraft at a price that will only make you think you are dreaming! And your neighbors will think you won the lottery when they see your proud photos of that very special aircraft.

Thousands of Aircraft Available at Rock-Bottom Prices

Government seizures and bank foreclosures take place every day, leaving thousands of aircraft such as planes and helicopters waiting for disposal when these aircraft should be out flying the wild blue yonder.

Moving these aircraft to secured locations and storing them for months on end takes a lot of money—money that the government and the financial industry want to recoup as quickly as possible. So they offer these aircraft at fantastic low auction prices just to get rid of them.

Cut Out the Middleman and Save

You can save thousands of dollars by purchasing your personal aircraft directly from government and surplus aircraft auctions—putting your hard-earned money back in your pocket where it belongs. Why not leverage your savings and purchase the aircraft of your dreams at rock bottom prices?

Absolute all-time low pricing ensures that these aircraft are sold off at the best possible prices, with aircraft pricing deals up to 90% off retail value.

Secret Aircraft Auctions at Your Fingertips

It’s not common knowledge, but hundreds of repossessed aircraft auctions take place each month—as well as secret DEA, government, police and IRS aircraft auctions too. Take advantage of these ‘secret’ insider aircraft auctions and buy the aircraft you want a fraction of the cost of retail aircraft.

Now you can search for repossessed aircraft bargains from every region of the United States. The best aircraft deals from across the country can be yours with the click of the mouse.  

All Makes and Models of Aircraft Available

And you’re not limited to only one or two types of aircraft—all makes and models of aircraft are available, such as helicopters and personal planes. With this many types of aircraft available, you can find exactly the aircraft you want at up to 90% off Book Value. Even brand name quality aircraft from big-name aircraft manufacturers like Cessna, Ryan-Navion and Piper-Twin are available at these low auction prices. 

Repo Aircraft Include:

Jet aircraft
Aircraft Parts
and more!

Finding the Aircraft of your Dreams is Easy

It used to be that finding a personal aircraft was a very complicated process. Between never-ending hanger visits, hours of aircraft research and weeks of hunting for just the right aircraft, you had to invest an unbelievable amount of time and energy into the search. Those tiring days of searching for your dream aircraft are over! Now finding just the right aircraft is as simple as one-stop shopping—the aircraft you want is just a click away. We regularly add new aircraft repo listings to our inventory, so check our private members area often to see what new repo aircraft are available.

Make the smart choice and start your repo aircraft search now—bids for these aircraft start as low as $100!